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Stuart Ridgway



Thank you very much for visiting. In addition to watching and listening to my work you can also request a quote for original music or access my library of over 700 original royalty free music tracks.


I know that most producers wear several hats. And even though you want the best music for your project, you don’t always have the time to find it. Rely on me to create the music that will enhance your project the way you want it to. We can collaborate or, if you like, I can do it all. Either way, you're sure to have that final, captivating, emotional experience you're looking for.


Pyramid has great gear and has received many accolades, but I do this because writing music is my passion. Let me share that passion with you.



Stuart Ridgway

Original Music for Film and Television


Pyramid Digital Productions, Inc. is a state of the art composing facility specializing in exciting, original music for film and television.


Call or email for an original score or for unlimited access to our library of over 700 royalty free music tracks.